Girls & Boys Lacrosse program for grades PreK-8 in Pembroke MA

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Here are videos or challenges being posted by lacrosse resources that are doing what they can to help those who love to play the game but are currently limited to home based options. Thank you to all and will recoginze those where possible please go and follow them on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram where possible:

Laxachusetts weekly challenge.

Know a Pemrboke boy and girl have completed with times of 13:30 and 14:10 which are outstanding. Quick summary deck of cards and flip entire deck to see what you need to complete. 2-10 will be throwing right/left depending on color then face cards will be jumping jacks/quick feet or 20 yard shuttle/Air Squats. Video explaining is here:

Week 1 Challenge (Monday March 16th - Friday March 20th)
We called this CARD CHAOS to reflect on using a deck of cards to guide you through the workout while keeping the workout random each time you do it.
Please find the attached video for visual instructions:
In case for some reason the video is hard to read here is a written explanations as well.
Each Numbered Card represents Passing and Catching off a WALL/THROWBACK/ALL BALL PRO? Whatever you typically use to train.

-BLACK Numbered Cards are Left handed.
-RED Numbered Cards are Right handed.
The number on the card represents the number of reps.
-JACKS all represent JUMPING JACKS X 20
-QUEENS all represent QUICK FEET X 20
- KINGS all represent a 20 Yard Shuttle X 5 reps per card.
-ACES all represent 25 Air Squats.


Some excellent self run drills normally a fee they are waiving to give back in a time of need:


Million Lacrosse:


First Lacrosse

Wall Ball
  1. Catch & Cradle:
    (Catch, Cradle, Move it!)
  2. Catch & Cradle Underhand:
    (Work on a true underhand release!)
  3. Quicksticks Closed Position:
    (No cradle, keep you bottom hand down)
  4. Quicksticks Open Position:
    (No cradle)
  5. Quicksticks Crossbody:
  6. Quicksticks Shuffle:
    (Depending on the space you have!)
  7. Twisters:
    (Work on your top hand deception!
Shooting Drills
  1. Step Up Drill:
    (Work on your weight transfer)
  2. Step Up and Back Drill:
    (Weight Transfer plus explosion!)
  3. Step up and Back Drill with Catch:
    (Work on receiving it loaded!)
  4. Pitcher Drill:
    (Work on your balance + weight transfer)
  5. Pitcher Drill with Catch:
    (Work on catching it loaded!)
  6. Split, Load, Rollback Drill (1st Progression):
    (Work on your rollback footwork!)
  7. Split, Load, Rollback Drill (2nd Progression):
    (Add the hand exchange!)
Footwork Drills
  1. 2 Step Jab Drill: 
    (Simple footwork drill for your split dodging)
  2. Stick and Split Drill:
    (Work on a hard stick into 2 step footwork)
  3. Left Right Drill: 
    (Work on your dodging footwork)
  4. Skip Split Drill:
    (Work on footwork for your skip split)
  5. Attack the Cone: 
    (Work on sudden change of speed and stop start)
  6. Skip Split from X:
    (Work on your same foot hesitation)