Girls & Boys Lacrosse program for grades K-8 in Pembroke MA

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PYL is looking to offer for the 1st time an intro to Lacrosse at the K-2nd grade age group for boys/girls. K2 Lacrosse is geared to the young athlete looking to learn about the game in a fun and informative way. 


Lacrosse is not an easy sport to learn. Patience for players, coaches and parents is stressed looking for kids to have a fun expierence. 

​Here's what to expect...

  • Players are introduced to the sport of lacrosse with a focus on FUNdamentals.​​
    • Individual players are given as much stick and ball time as possible and are encouraged to get comfortable with the equipment. 
  • Lacrosse has 5 skills needed to play the sport which all will be introduced:
  • Skill repetition is used to improve fundamental player ability. 
  • Fun games and drills are used to reinforce the new learned skills.
  • By session end, a player should be comfortable with their new equipment, have a basic understanding of each skill and enough knowledge on how to practice that skill on their own.


​Equipment needed...



  • Stick: At this age a full size stick is going to be very tough to handle. Here is what we recommend:
    • Hand me down from a Sibiling. If full length would recommend cutting down length 
    • Ministick - many brands sell these now. Great pocket and size.
    • Fiddle sticks - good size but pocket is small, tougher to learn catching/throwing
  • Helmet (Boys) - no contact and soft rubber balls will be used so not allowed


  • Stick: 
    • Hand me down from a Sibiling. Always the best. If full length would recommend cutting down length 
  • Gloves/Headgear: 
    • ​TBD insert here