Girls & Boys Lacrosse program for grades PreK-8 in Pembroke MA

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Misc Things to keep in mind for the season:


It is spring and games are canceled only for Lighting/Thunder. So things to have in your sons lacrosse bag or on them showing up at the game:

  • Long Sleeve shirt or something heavier to be worn under pads
  • Sweat pants or leggings are worn by many
  • Thin gloves - my son has worn football gloves inside lacrosse gloves with no problem
  • Winter hat
  • All of these apply for parents watching games. Fog will roll in at some game being prepared will make it more enjoyable

Games at the HS Turf field:

  1. Be patient games on Friday for instance could be taking place after multiple school events where in many cases no alert is given that the visiting teams bus broke down and are running 30 mins behind impacting our games. If we get an alert on this we will do all we can to get this word out by all means. 
  2. Please stay off the track - this is a requirement by the school. If you are on it the visiting team will take it as acceptable. 
  3. Garbage - As fans would be same as you go anywhere put in barrels or bring out with you. Players should be leaving any field they play at home/away as it was or better.

Please plan on being at game location 30 mins before the start time to allow the coach to assess game day roster they will have and warm-up time. If you know missing a game please make it known to the coach however they have told you to alert them of such.

PLAYERS SHOULD HAVE WATER WITH THEM. Please don't send your child without a water bottle. 

PROTECTIVE CUPS: Any question that is around should my son wear an athletic cup it is a resounding YES. We are not here to try and scare anyone but the stories exist of those choosing not to. Start early and it will become a habit.